StopLossTracker allows for a variety of options to help you make the most of your investment potential with regards to your stock portfolio.  Tools you can take advantage of are: Stop Loss Orders; Trailing Stop Loss Orders; and Short Positions, just to name a few.  You can also benefit from the Stop Loss Status Bar (gives you easy access and updates) and Weekly Position Updates (weekly emails with news of your account).

Stop Loss Orders

This strategy allows you to stop any potential losses on your stocks before you lose a significant amount of moneyThis is a wonderful tool to help investors better manage the risks that come with buying stocks.  The Stop Loss Order “watches” your stocks for you and when/if they get to a predetermined price point, your broker is automatically notified to sell that stock. This strategy allows you to stop any potential losses on your stocks before you lose a significant amount of money.  It allows you to set the number that is your “stop and cut my losses” number before a stock were to actually spiral out of control.  With this automatic set-up feature, you don’t have to be constantly watching and worrying about every stock, and when it might take a hit or even when it might go up.  That can be an emotional roller coaster and one you don’t need to ride.

Trailing Stop Loss Orders

This strategy can be even more useful than Stop Loss Orders.  A Trailing Stop Loss Order allows you to set a price point with the knowledge that should the stock’s price rise, so, too, will your price point.  The price point you set will serve as the bottom price that the stock should fall to (if it should fall) before your broker will automatically be notified to sell that stock to reduce any loss as much as possible.  As well, with Trailing Stop Loss Orders, if the stock’s price should rise, a new price point will be established to allow for maximum profit potential before authorization to sell the stock when/if it dips below your new price point.

Short Positions

This is a strategy whereby you can “borrow” stock from your broker to sell.  Eventually, you will buy the stock back and this is where it gets interesting.  You will make money when the price goes “down” because your “high price” will be the stock’s “lowest” price at close of the day.  You will reach your stop if the stock rises by the percentage you have set.Investment portfolio books and coins currency for business conce

With StopLossTracker, you will always know the status of your stocks with email updates and automatic price points in place to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.  There are risks with everything in life.  With your stock investments, however, tools are available to help you mitigate your financial risks.  Take advantage of them with a free trial today.