Mark Zuckerberg said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk … In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” The key ingredient to managing those risks to utilize Trailing Stop Loss Orders. Entering the world of stocks is, in and of itself, a risk; however, it is a necessary risk that needs to be taken to maximize opportunities to improve your financial situation. It can produce high rewards for those who learn to manage the risk with poise.

Trailing Stop Loss Orders

Trailing Stop Loss Order ChartThe methodology which this investment strategy utilizes can be even more helpful because, not only does it stop your losses at a certain price point, it also automatically raises your price point to a new level if your stock increases. Using this management tool helps protect the profits you have earned, while providing a way to manage your investments more effectively. Click to learn more about Trailing Stop Loss Orders.

Mitigate Risks Through Ease of Tracking

It often seems difficult to fit all of the mundane, ordinary and daily tasks into a 24-hour period, while still leaving time to eat and sleep (and breathe!). In such a busy world as we live in today, having a tool to manage some of the most basic tasks goes a long way. Stop Loss Tracker Tool is a tool that can help with the mundane task of tracking your Trailing Stop Loss amounts for each stock you own. Using StopLossTracker provides many unique features that can help manage stock risks:

  • Stop Loss Status Bar
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Weekly Position Updates
  • Daily Stop Out Updates via Email or Text

The Stop Loss Status Bar offers you a fast and easy means to check the status of your stocks. On the bar, colors are your quick-look key to learning the progress of your stock investments with a brief glance. Green means your stocks are doing good; red means the stock is getting close to needing to be sold.

Multiple Account Support allows you to use this tool to assess the status of several accounts, if you have more than one. StopLossTracker gives you easy access to view your stocks’ positions, all from one convenient place.

Weekly Position Updates arrive in emails so you can review at your convenience. They will show the positions of your investments and where they are in relation to your trailing stop price. The stocks with the most risks are identified at the top of the email first so you will know which ones require immediate attention.

Daily Email and Text Updates on your stop outs ensure you know when your stop loss has been hit. At that point you can make an intelligent decision to sell the stock, or determine if this was a short term market fluctuation in which case you can reset your trailing stop.

Trailing Stop Loss Orders are the ultimate convenience is a world where volatile stock markets are often the norm. To best manage your investment risks, StopLossTracker is a vital tool to consider. Try it out for yourself FREE for 30 Days and see what a difference it can make in profits from your stock investments.