6 Advanced Investor Tools

Below you will find six tools to help advance and diversify your investing strategies.  Each tool has a brief overview and a link to learn more.  If you enjoy our introduction to these tools you can also download our complete guide to advanced investing tools which covers an additional 23 tools!

Category: Stop Loss Tracking

A stop loss is an investing strategy where, based on your purchase price, there will be a predetermined stop loss price. The stop loss price is the point where you will sell your stock if the market price drops to that amount, regardless of circumstances. Using a stop loss helps take the emotion out of selling stocks, and assists in avoiding two of the most common investor mistakes: selling winners early, and sticking with bad decisions too long. StopLossTracker takes the work out of monitoring your stop loss, letting you know when your stop loss is reached.

StopLossTracker Account Overview

Category: Investment and Portfolio Advice

SigFig allows you to track all of your accounts and investments in one place. Once you have shared your accounts, SigFig can make recommendations on diversification, management, and even ways to decrease your fees! It will help you understand the “big picture” for all of your investments. SigFig also allows you to compare your portfolio to your peers and dozens of market indexes. Their easy-to-use charts and tools crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.

SigFig Portfolio Analysis

Category: Crowd Funding

You have likely already heard of other crowdfunding sites like Lending Club and Prosper but we are guessing you have not heard of Reality Shares. While it is an “up and comer,” it has not received the same level of media attention as other players in this space. Reality Shares is a crowd funded investing platform that allows you to invest in real estate alongside thousands of savvy investors. Invest as little as $5,000 per property. This is a great way to help balance out your portfolio!

RealtyShares Account Overview

Category: Gift Giving/Receiving

We know it is the thought that counts, but don’t you get tired of receiving gifts from people that you don’t like or gifts you would not have picked out for yourself? Well, now with Shareswell that can be avoided. Simply register for an account and send people your list of stocks that you want to receive for your favorite holiday. People can buy you the gifts that will keep on giving! Shareswell also works in reverse, where you can give gifts to people on your list in the form of stocks. Start out the newest members of your family with the gift of stocks that will keep giving back for years to come!

Shareswell Account Overview

Category: Startup Investing

Ever wanted to feel the rush of being part of a technology start-up? Even better, did you want to invest right before they went IPO? If so, check out EquityZen as an option to both give you the IPO rush, and diversify your portfolio at the same time! EquityZen gives investors opportunities that they previously could not access in late-stage private companies due to investment minimums. Now they can invest in private growth companies.

EquityZen Account Overview

Category: Robo-Investing

Similar to other robo-investing solutions like Betterment or Wealthfront, Motif allows you to auto-deposit money into an account and have it automatically robo-invested. Robo-Investing means it is not a traditional financial planner investing your funds, but instead an intelligent robot making the buy and sell orders. The reason we like Motif is that it provides you more flexibility into your investment options over the other solutions in this category. You get to pick one or more motifs in which to invest your funds. A motif is a weighted basket of up to 30 stocks and ETFs built around themes and investing styles. For example, you might pick the “wearable tech” motif which would include stocks like Intel, GoPro, Garmon, Apple, etc.

Motif Account Overview

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