Ever-changing technologies continue to support our ever-changing lifestyles as the world gets busier and more complex.  Tools that work to complement stock investment strategies and make life easier are welcome indeed.  Smartphones, apps, tablets, and tech-savvy software with plenty of options are a few of the ways today’s investor has plenty of convenient access to monitor stock numbers.

Smartphones and Apps

There is an app for just about everything and with the easy access
of mobile devices, including, of course, smart phones, investors can
check on their stock acquisitions and the progress they are making
pretty much every minute of the day.  StopLossTracker lets you track your stops from stop loss and trailing stop loss orders.
With a truly seamless flow of information available at your fingertips,
you will have all the resources you need available to you 24/7. As well, their Stop Out Notification tool alerts you when your stock
position closes below the price point of your trailing stop price by
6:00 pm EST.  With the Weekly Positions Update tool, you can get
weekly overviews of which stock positions are potentially most at risk and will need your undivided attention soon.

Tablets and Laptop Computers

How often do you see people walking, riding in various modes of transportation, or eating lunch carrying along their extremely lightweight and portable computer tablets or laptops?  The industry has made these devices so portable, they can go pretty much everywhere you go with ease.  With tiny computer chips that enable tablets and laptops to achieve top performance and good speeds, you can easily whip out the mobile device of your choice to monitor your financial investments at any moment of the day.

Savvy Investment Software

Tools like StopLossTracker put the world at your fingertips anytime of the day or night, with the ability to track stocks all around the world.  The tracking availability extends to over 100,000 stocks, mutual funds, indexes, and over 50 exchanges.  When you utilize Trailing Stop Loss Orders, you will be able to see the profit you have locked in and the risks you have avoided.  The Adjusted Closing Price feature will show stops and purchase prices that have been adjusted for dividends and splits.

There is no better time to be an investor of stocks than now.  Multiple tools are at your fingertips – literally – thanks to technological advancements that continue to surprise and please their users.  Try StopLossTracker today for 30 days – free of charge.  You will see for yourself all the benefits offered to you.