For many, investing in the stock market is just a “necessary evil.”  How many other ways can you invest your money with a grand scheme to enhance your financial portfolio to the largest degree possible and get the overall positive return on your investment that playing the stock game can produce?  It is a good way to invest in a company and in a country, and it can bring you significant positive financial returns – IF … you do your research and take advantage of the strategic tools that are offered to help you.

Trailing Stop Loss Orders can …

  • Help keep risk loss to a minimum
  • Remove the emotional roller coaster of investing
  • Help teach discipline to investors

Keeping Risk Loss To A Minimum
StopLossTracker can help you monitor the status of your stock investments
Due to the very nature of Trailing Stop Losses, their usage helps counter unmanageable losses and puts more control back in your hands with how your investments are managed.You set a price point (either a dollar amount or a percentage) for a number that you don’t want your stock to value below. If the stock rises in value, with a Trailing Stop Loss, your price point rises with it.  This helps reduce the risk of lost money and it also seals in the possibility of keeping more profits.

Removing Emotions from Stock Investing

It is, after all, your money that is riding with the stock’s wave of value, soaring and plummeting, and soaring again, etc., etc., etc.  It is natural to be emotional; however, the best financial decisions are made during calm well-thought-out moments.  That’s what you want, and that’s what Trailing Stop Loss Orders can give you through a pre-determined price point that you set so as to minimize risk of loss if the value of the stock takes a turn for the worse.

Learning Discipline While Investing

Trailing Stop Loss Orders help investors decide on a strategy and stick with it – not changing it willy-nilly, moment to moment, or every time the evening news comes on and portrays an event that you think may not be favorable to the stock you have invested in.  You will be the most successful investor you can be when you remain consistent in the long run.

StopLossTracker can help you monitor the status of your stock investments.  With a 30-day free trial, you can watch the numbers climb the stocks in your investment portfolio.